Gender in Shelter Guidelines: Research from CARE International UK

CARE International UK with support from the IHG Foundation recently published their research and guidelines on addressing gender equality in humanitarian shelter programming.

CARE has made a long-term commitment to strengthening gender equality and the voices of women in both emergency and development contexts. Existing gender roles and traditional power dynamics often discriminate against women and girls, creating significant obstacles to their ability to access safe housing. In support of this commitment, CARE’s humanitarian and emergency goal is to have a lasting impact on the needs of the disadvantaged, with a specific aim to reach and empower both women and girls who are disproportionately affected in a humanitarian context.

In partnership with CARE, the IHG Foundation was proud to fund the research and production of the ‘Gender & Shelter: Good Programming Guidelines’.

The aim of the guidelines is to provide clear and practical guidance on how to integrate gender equality in the shelter sector. This will enable shelter programmes to address the needs of affected communities more successfully and effectively.

Tom Newby, Head of Humanitarian, CARE highlighted the importance and value that these guidelines can provide: ‘This research will not only identify areas of evidence on integration of gender in shelter practices but it will also highlight further learnings and emphasise points of where further research is needed.’ 

The guidelines combine information from existing key guidance and best practice literature in addition to new ‘how to’ information on effective gender integration in shelter captured from CARE’s work and beyond. Additionally, the target audience for the guidance document includes those involved in planning and managing emergency shelter preparedness, response, or construction activities and programmes who all want to achieve best practice in their shelter projects.

IHG Foundation Trustee, Kate Gibson comments: ‘These guidelines will provide the tools to reach and empower both women and girls to access the shelter they deserve along with practical methods of mitigating exploitation and violence through humanitarian shelter programming, an essential step forward towards gender equality.’

The IHG Foundation is proud to continue collaborating with CARE in providing support for communities impacted by disasters around the world.

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