Our Grants

IHG Foundation works with groups around the world to help make local communities better places to be for all.

The Atlanta Beltline

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The Atlanta Beltline is a sustainable redevelopment project that is transforming the city of Atlanta, U.S. Once complete it will connect 45 intown neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar and parks. The IHG Foundation will sponsor the Beltline public bus tours. As part of the funding, underserved communities will be provided with free bus tours to provide an education on the history and future of the project.

United Way of Greater Atlanta

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United Way is an non-profit organization that seeks to mobilize the caring power of communities to advance the common good. The IHG Foundation is supporting the United Way of Greater Atlanta and their partnership with Atlanta CareerRise to provide opportunities to 25 disadvantaged young people in the Atlanta Aerotropolis area. Through collaborating with hospitality employers in the area, Atlanta CareerRise will offer individuals the necessary hospitality skills to advance their careers in the industry.

Malteser Hilfdienst e.V.

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Malteser Hilfdienst e.V. is one of Germany’s largest charitable organizations with more than one million members and donors. The grant from the IHG Foundation will support Malteser Hilfdienst e. V. to integrate refugees and asylum seekers at one of their centres in Berlin into German society. As part of the integration program, the refugees and asylum seekers will be provided language courses, employability skills training, mentoring and work placement opportunities in the hospitality industry.

The Prince's Trust

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The IHG Foundation is providing funding for 40 participants to take part in the Prince's Trust, 'Get into Hospitality' programme, a hospitality training course for disadvantaged young people across the UK who are ready to work but lack the relevant professional experience. As part of their course, young people not only learn practical skills but they also develop their employability skills whilst receiving mentoring support before completing the course at a celebration event achieving a Level 2 Safety and Food and Hygiene Certificate.

American Red Cross

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IHG Foundation is a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program. As one of the world's largest humanitarian organizations, the grant from the IHG Foundation will allow the organisation to continue to stock warehouses with lifesaving supplies, secure shelters, train disaster-response volunteers nationwide and maintain emergency response vehicles to ensure food and supplies are delivered quickly to people in need whenever and wherever. It also will ensure the Red Cross can remain on hand to assist people as they recover, and help communities become better prepared for the next disaster.

Clean the World

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Clean the World partners with hotels across the world through collecting their amenity waste and recycling it to distribute to impoverished communities across the globe through handwashing education and humanitarian programmes. The IHG Foundation grant will enable Clean the World to expand its operation in mainland China through acquiring recycling machinery, new warehouse space, hiring and training of new staff and developing new programmes throughout mainland China.


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Unseen is a UK based charity that works towards eradicating slavery through tackling the issues around slavery and supporting exploited individuals. The grant from the IHG Foundation will fund training sessions for people working across the hospitality industry, including education on modern slavery, the different forms it takes and the actions required to prevent and address it. In addition, the grant will also support Unseen to work with organisations in the hospitality industry to provide work experience to those who have been subjected to modern slavery.

Youth Career Initiative (YCI)

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The IHG Foundation is collaborating with YCI to transform the lives of many survivors of human trafficking. YCI provides them with support, training and mentoring in life skills as well as opportunities to build the knowledge and skills that would empower them to secure employment both within the hospitality industry or other service sectors. This collaboration will help ensure rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking are able to overcome the trauma of their past so they can build a brighter future.

British Red Cross

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The IHG Foundation is supporting the British Red Cross flood recovery programme in Cumbria, UK after the devastating floods there in December 2015. Through this programme, more than 2,000 local people will receive the immediate and longer term support they need to recover from this disaster.

Care International

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The IHG Foundation is collaborating with CARE International's emergency shelter team to enhance its ability to prepare and respond to disasters around the world. This work will enable CARE International to help vulnerable people in communities around the world increase their resilience to shocks, manage risks, address causes of vulnerability and ultimately improve their lives.

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

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Water is an increasingly precious resource, so the IHG Foundation is supporting WWT to develop and showcase new and innovative ways of managing water in a sustainable way.  Support from the IHG Foundation will help the creation of a new sustainable drainage system in the main courtyard of the London Wetland Centre, including a number of wetland features.  Through this work, the 190,000+ adults and children who visit the Centre each year will see first-hand the crucial role that wetlands play in helping to manage water in the face of increasingly extreme weather events around the world. 

Goodwill Industries International

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The IHG Foundation supports Goodwill Industries International as it helps people reach their full potential by overcoming the barriers they face in accessing employment due to a lack of industry-relevant skills and experience. Through this collaboration, IHG Foundation is working to enhance the positive local economic impact of the hospitality industry on communities across North America. Support from the IHG Foundation will enable Goodwill® to develop, maintain and enhance the hospitality section of its online career services and mentoring platform, GoodProspects®. This investment will enable Goodwill to significantly enhance career explorers' knowledge of career paths and training that can help prepare them for employment in the hospitality field.

Rede Cidadã

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The IHG Foundation is collaborating with Rede Cidadã, a non-profit organisation that seeks social transformation through providing skills and training to local communities. Rede Cidadã will develop and train local people in the Porto Maravilha community in Rio de Janeiro. Across the city there is a growing need for skilled workers and through its structured training programme, Rede Cidadã will be upskilling and empowering individuals working in hotels across Rio de Janeiro to ensure that there is a lasting socio-economic legacy following a busy summer in Rio de Janeiro.

Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

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The IHG Foundation is supporting the Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation as it provides hospitality skills training to women from impoverished communities in Chengdu, China. Through the 8 month programme, 200 women will be taught key hospitality skills to help improve their chances of finding employment.

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