Our grants

IHG Foundation works with groups around the world to help make local communities better places to be for all. 

The Atlanta Beltline

Atlanta BeltLine is transforming abandoned and unwelcoming parts of the city by creating a 22-mile loop of parks and trails and providing new transport facilities. In so doing, they will revitalize and connect 45 in-town neighbourhoods. The IHG Foundation maintains a quarter mile segment of the BeltLine, and sponsored free bus tours for 420 people around the BeltLine in 2017.

United Way of Greater Atlanta

The IHG Foundation is supporting the United Way of Greater Atlanta and their partnership with Atlanta CareerRise to provide hospitality skills and training to disadvantaged young people in the Atlanta Aerotropolis area. Atlanta CareerRise also work with local employers to help them find work, opening the doors to a better future. To date, 24 participants completed the five-week Aerotropolis Hospitality Training Program, and 83% of the graduates were hired into full-time jobs at local hotels working in various roles including night auditors, restaurant servers and more.

American Red Cross

In 2017, the American Red Cross launched relief efforts to help communities devastated by a series of disasters, including Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, and Maria. In response, the IHG Foundation provided supplementary funding to the American Red Cross for helping communities to recover from the disasters, and ensure the organization can continue to distribute lifesaving supplies, train disaster-response volunteers and maintain emergency response vehicles.


Unseen is a UK based charity that works towards eradicating modern slavery, through tackling the issues around modern slavery and supporting exploited individuals. The grant from the IHG Foundation has funded training sessions for 16 people working across the hospitality industry, including education on modern slavery and the actions required to prevent and address it. In addition, the grant will also support Unseen to work with Youth Career Initiative and organizations in the hospitality industry to provide work experience to those who have been subjected to modern slavery.

Youth Career Initiative (YCI)

Youth Career Initiative (YCI) help disadvantaged young people gain life and work skills so they can create better futures for themselves. A grant from the IHG Foundation funded 14 victims of human trafficking in Kenya, India and Vietnam to take part in their program, to learn new skills in the hospitality industry. It also funded workshops to raise awareness of human trafficking and help victims. Through their work, YCI are helping victims to build a brighter future.

British Red Cross

The IHG Foundation has made donations to the British Red Cross since 2016 to support communities impacted by disasters, including 500 households affected by flooding in Cumbria UK, families displaced following the London Tower Fire in June 2017 and communities in the Caribbean following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. 

Care International

Since its launch, the IHG Foundation has supported CARE International UK, one of the world’s leading humanitarian agencies. In addition to helping people in the aftermath of disasters, we also support the work of CARE on disaster relief preparedness and training. Last year, CARE were able to provide immediate assistance to the victims of the South Asia Floods, Banda Aceh-Indonesia Earthquake and Vanuatu Cyclone with the quick responses of grant donations from the IHG Foundation.  

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

Water is an increasingly precious resource, so the IHG Foundation supported The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) develop innovative ways of sustainably managing water.  Support from the IHG Foundation helped the creation of a sustainable drainage system in the main courtyard of the London Wetland Center, which is estimated to save 65 cubic meters of water each year. Through this work, the 190,000+ adults and children who visit the center each year, will see first-hand the crucial role that wetlands play in the face of increasingly extreme weather events around the world. 

Goodwill Industries International

Support from the IHG Foundation has been used to develop a new and improved ‘Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation’ section of their ‘GoodProspects’ online training platform. The interactive tool helps people to explore their career options, assess their skills and receive career advice about the hospitality industry. So far, 58 Goodwill organizations from eight countries were trained to use the assessment tool and 153 people completed the available hospitality assessments.

Rede Cidadã

As one of original beneficiaries of the IHG Foundation, Rede Cidada is a Brazilian non-profit organisation that provides skills and training for local communities so that young people can access job opportunities and build better lives. The grant from the IHG Foundation allowed them to run training programs for local people in the Rio de Janeiro community, including work placements in hotels across the city. The program trained 90 youths, with 76% of them securing employment after the program. 

Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

In 2016, the IHG Foundation donated to the Sichuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to provide hospitality skills training to 202 single mothers and/or unemployed women from low income families in Chengdu. To date, 175 women completed the training and 165 secured jobs. The successful outcomes have resulted in the IHG Foundation to commit to support a further 300 women.

The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged young people across the UK. A grant from the IHG Foundation funded 40 young people to join their ‘Get into Hospitality’ program. With the help of mentors and coaches, they learnt hospitality skills and achieved a Level 2 Safety and Food Hygiene Certificate. To date, 70% of the qualified youths were able to secure permanent jobs showing how the IHG Foundation uses the power of hospitality to help change lives.

Bottomless Closet

Bottomless Closet is a New York charity which helps disadvantaged women get back into the workplace. The charity provides professional clothing, job preparation and post employment training. Thanks to the grant from the IHG Foundation, Bottomless Closet have supported more than 3,000 disadvantaged women in New York, held 61 workshops and purchased additional clothing and shoes for the women so they are better prepared for interviews. 

Bali Life Foundation

The Bali Life Foundation is providing care and support to disadvantaged communities living and working on Bali’s biggest waste dump. The IHG Foundation is helping to fund an innovative project through the Suwung Community Centre. The IHG Foundation helps to fund a school for 60 children at the waste dump and provides free school meals and classroom supplies. With this help, the children have a chance to break the cycle and build a new future away from the waste dump. More than 155 families have been provided with basic food supplies, clothing and toiletries and more than 450 people have been given eye check-ups, and follow-up treatments.  

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association offers rehabilitation services to people suffering from mental health illnesses. The grant from the IHG Foundation supports the running of ‘New Life Farm’, where individuals experience the therapeutic effects of farming. Thanks to the IHG Foundation, New Life Farm were able to produce 24,000kg of 20 different types of seasonal crops that were either sold to local businesses, or donated to underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.  

The Passage

The Passage runs London’s largest voluntary resource for the homeless and vulnerable. The charity aims to provide homeless people with support to transform their own lives. The grant from the IHG Foundation has contributed towards the employment costs of a client ambassador for one year. The ambassador has trained 12 people to become client ambassadors at the organisation, that are able provide peer-to-peer mentoring to other in their centres. In addition, the grant has also supported works skills training for volunteers in partnership with the City of Westminster College to help the vulnerable out of homelessness.

Beijing Stars and Rain

Beijing Star Hope Autism Rehabilitation Center works to deepen the understanding of autism and other mental health disabilities through community awareness programs, skills training for young people with autism, and support services for parents of children with mental health disabilities. The IHG Foundation grant will provide hospitality skills training for 30 people with autism to increase their chances of rehabilitation and employability opportunities. 

Shanghai Wu Li Xiang Community Service Centre

The IHG Foundation is working with Shanghai Wu Li Xiang Community Service Centre to launch five community development programs in neighbourhoods around Shanghai, including volunteering opportunities for local IHG colleagues. The program focuses on mobilising leaders in the community to unite and address common issues, such as environmental protection and community safety. 

HuiLing ‐ Xi'An Hostel

HuiLing is working to improve the quality of life for people with mental disabilities. A grant from the IHG Foundation is being used to set up a hostel, which will provide training and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry to local people in Xi’an. During the project, six people will gain full time employment, four people will enter professional training and 20 people will have the opportunity for short term work experience at the hostel. 

HuiLing ‐ Linens for Life

Linens for Life is a hotel linen recycling program developed by Diversey, which collects discarded linens from hotels. The linens are sent to local charities where people with mental disabilities are taught to upcycle the linens, which are sold to generate an income to develop a better future for themselves. The grant from the IHG Foundation supports the program and local units in HuiLing, in cooperation with hotels in Guangzhou. Since July 2017, two IHG hotels have sent 1,600kg of linen to the charities providing working opportunities for 45 people that upcycled 5,000 new items into small towels, tie-dye bags and more.


Chengdu Urban Riverside Association (CURA) work with farming communities to educate the importance of practising responsible farming methods, and sustainability of freshwater sources.  Through grant funding, the IHG Foundation will provide skills training to 200 Chengdu famers and provide education to 1,500 local residents. Local IHG hotels hotels are supporting CURA farmers by purchasing their fresh and organic produce. 

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